Poke Run History est 1785

History of the Origin of Poke Run Church
The following condensed history was taken from the handwritten words of the Reverend David Kirkpatrick, appointed pastor in the spring of the year 1838. He wrote the history in the year 1860 from discussions of long time members whose families were original members of the church at its founding.
In the year 1784 John Guthrie and Joseph Thorn, in connection with others, procured occasional supplies of preaching at the house of Robert Hays. The first sermon was from the text “God is love” by a clergyman of New England. Shortly afterwards the people, although poor and few in number, determined to erect a house for the worship of God and accordingly in 1786 a building of bound logs was completed a few (word not discernable) eastward of the present edifice. About 1787/1788, the Reverend Porter was ordained by the Presbytery of Redstone as Pastor of Poke Run and Congruity.
During the early years of Rev Porter’s ministry, the sufferings of the inhabitants were considerable from the Indians, and the hunting shirt and moccasins with the musket were ordinary accoutrements and apparel in the sanctuary. The Lord however had better things in reserve (?) for his children. The tomahawk and scalping knife were superseded by the ploughshare and pruning hook, and in a short period the worshippers were enabled to sit unmolested under their vine and fig tree.
taken from the earliest Session records of Poke Run Presbyterian Church.